Capturing Textures: Journaling

“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

Nature’s pallet is more than just three prime colours,
It’s an emotion.
A treasure, Surpassing an untouched world.

Rocking my chair,
With a cigar in my hand.
Adoring the randomness,
Order created by the universe.
Watches the dancing shore,
Taking my letters,
Flutters, as it ebb and flows.

Dancing drops of acrylic
What’s a garden without these
Guess the owner of such a beautiful texture

© 2021 Sirishty Thakur

11 thoughts on “Capturing Textures: Journaling

    1. Sirishty Thakur says:

      Thanks for appreciating😀
      Yes, I think we, human are learning to fall in love with the randomness, because of the nature, somehow we can relate them as our master. Haha! Nature always accept the randomness.


      1. Benjamin Grossman says:

        You’re welcome. Yeah, randomness might be the natural order of the world. But it’s a controlled kind of randomness perhaps also, if that makes sense. Well, I just like how you formulated the idea. You’re a very intelligent person! 🍀

        Liked by 1 person

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