The Man I trust

Photography By Sirishty Thakur©

Wrapped around in the gaze of scrutinized cashmere,

Destroyed by their precluding vision.

The scope through the stars,

Left those knots and fowl scars.

For the Man I trust,

For the Man I know of.

You’re ahead of your time,

The time where mild pain roots for you.

You’re ahead of you time,

The time where your presence’s indecisive.

Your Books will remain unpublished,

Ideology will be stumped away.

But there will be the one,

To whom you’ve sung your chants.

For perceiving the world through the vision of your own window,

Irreplaceable art, the indelible poems.

You’re ahead of your time,

My man, you will be cherished.

Where the astronomy of your lucid dreams will carry you,

Bind you with another gloomy night.

For the man I trust,

May be it’s not the place

For you,

You have the entire universe.

© 2021 Sirishty Thakur

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